Coppola Foods is an innovative food company committed to making good food better.

We develop, produce, market and sell a comprehensive range of premium quality, tasty, nutritious and sustainable food products together with an excellent service and innovative solutions aimed at fulfilling the needs of customers and markets.

Our range of authentic Italian food products are cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet and includes tomatoes, legumes and vegetable products, sauces, condiments and rice, pasta and grains.

We are a third generation family business with a long heritage in the production and marketing of food products, dating back to 1908 in Salerno in Southern Italy.


Our Values

Be passionate: we are passionate about our products and what we do
Aim high: we are enthusiastic, we think about the most we could achieve for, and go for it
Be positive: we are proud of what we do, happy to let people know about it and celebrate our achievements
Be fair: we are true to our customers, fair to our partners and responsible towards our communities
Think long term: we do not get shortcuts; we are building a sustainable business to pass it over to the next generations


Our Quality

We believe our name is our main asset, and our mission is to promote it, protect it and let it grow.

We adopt strict quality standards for our products and processes. All our range is produced according to strict quality specifications aimed at the production of a quality product, natural and free from additives, preservatives or other not necessary ingredients.

Our processes are BRC Global Standards certified and, where possible, our products are certified Kosher, Halal and Gluten Free.



Our Awards

This is a selection of the awards we have won. We put our passion to produce and deliver premium authentic Italian food. It is great to see our work being recognised and have the opportunity to celebrate it.



Coppola Industria Alimentare Srl

Premio Impresa Storica Salernitana

Heritage since 1903

Coppola Foods Ltd

2018 Financial Times' FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies

#65 / #1 Italian food company


Fontana FORMIELLO Gastronomia Arborio, Carnaroli, Venere Nero Risotto Rice & Couscous

Kosherfest New Product Winner

Coppola Salerno Polpa + Vegetables

Great Taste 2017 - 1 star

 Coppola Salerno Chopped Tomatoes


Ranked 1st 16 times our of 20th by a jury of chefs at NKF Congress Lahti Finland 2017

Gusto Merenda & Co Taralli Rosemary / Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Pizza

Great Taste 2015 - 1 star


D'ARCO Semi-dried Cherry Tomatoes

Great Taste 2015 - 1 star

Coppola Salerno Chopped Tomatoes

Ranked No.1 in Lithuania in Prie Kavos – Moters patarimai contest!

Coppola Salerno Cannellini Beans

Ranked No.1 in Lithuania in Prie Kavos – Moters patarimai contest!

Coppola Salerno Chopped Tomatoes

Ranked No.1 in Best I Test! Matkontrollen!


Coppola Salerno EVOO Colline Salernitane

Great Taste 2014 – 2 star

Coppola Salerno Butter Beans

Great Taste 2013 – 1 star

Coppola Salerno Torchietti

Great Taste 2013 – 1 star

Coppola Salerno Borlotti Beans

Great Taste 2013 – 1 star


Our Memberships