Vegetables & Olives

Vegetables such as sundried tomatoes, artichokes and olives are part of the Italian and Mediterranean cooking, they are enjoyed alone or as side dishes as appetisers or antipasti, and in salads, pasta, meat and fish dishes. 
Our wide range of vegetables, include pizzeria’s favourites such as Broccolo Friariello and semi-dry cherry tomatoes, together with delicacies such as traditional South Italian antipasti and preserved fruit products such as cherries.
Our chargrilled vegetables and semi-dry cherry tomatoes are packed without vinegar added and are Halal and Kosher certified.

280g 800g 2600g 4100g
Jar Can Can Can
Sun-dried Tomatoes in Oil
Artichokes in Oil
Peppers in Oil
Aubergines in Oil
Mushrooms in Oil
Chargrilled Aubergines in Oil
Chargrilled Courgettes in Oil
Chargrilled Peppers in Oil
Artichokes in Brine (Hearts & Quarters)
Champignon Mushrooms (Sliced)
Porcini Mushrooms (Sautéed)
Semi-Dry Cherry Tomatoes in Oil
Turnip Tops in Oil (Broccolo Friariello)
Olives in Brine (Green & Black)
Pitted Olives (Green & Black)
Sliced Olives (Green & Black)
Red Cocktail Maraschino Cherries

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