Rice, Pasta, Polenta & Couscous

We offer a variety of traditional Italian quality essentials, and some special gourmet products, sourced from carefully selected specialised producers and produced and packed according to our specifications.
This range includes risotto rice, polenta, couscous, ancient graisn, Gragnano PGI bronze die pasta and Campofilone PGI egg pasta and other products.
Mots of our range is is Kosher and Halal certified.

250g 500g 1kg 3kg 10kg 25kg
Carton box Bag/Carton Carton Box Pillow Bag Bag Bag
Bronze die pasta (Gragnano PGI)
Teflon die pasta (Long, Short, Soup)
Egg pasta (Campofilone)
Rice Venere Nero
Rice Carnaroli
Rice Arborio
Polenta (Svelta & Bramata)
Ancient Grains (Quinoa, Spelt, Hulled Millet)
Couscous Medium
Flour (Type 00, Neapolitan Pizza)

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